Thursday, November 09, 2006

Connecting for Health - the saga of systemic failure?

The saga with the NHS Connecting for Health (CfH) IT project continues unabated. This article from the Telegraph suggests a government moving into damage limitation mode.

"The Government has admitted that Connecting for Health, the Department
of Health agency in charge of its disastrous NHS IT programme, could be

The admission comes amid growing alarm in the Government at the
spiralling cost of the programme which is likely to end up at £20
billion — £7.6 billion more than its original budget."

Our group of 23 Professors of Computing and Systems (see earlier posting) has continued to monitor what has been happening with CfH and now have a public Wikki with a very wide ranging set of comments and critiques. It includes details of some further actions we have taken as a group (e.g. more letters etc) in our attempt to get government to take seriously our initial request for an independent review.

This recent action suggest that others are now beginning to recognise that they are staring systemic failure in the face!

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