Thursday, March 08, 2012

Plea to help energise Australian communities

I have received the following request from  the National Campaign Coordinator of the 100% Renewable campaign. I urge your suport.

Lindsay asks:   'Can you spend 2 minutes to help us liberate hundreds of millions of dollars for clean energy projects that could be owned by your community?

Dear community renewables supporter, 

Over the past few years, groups across Australia have started developing visionary plans to invest in their own clean energy future.

Hepburn Wind is Australia's very first community owned renewable energy company, near Daylesford, Victoria. It is owned by ordinary people, generates 100% renewable energy equivalent to the total electricity demand of Daylesford and Hepburn and puts more funding back into the community (per turbine) than any other wind farm. 

But while Hepburn Wind has been an inspiration to others, there are many unfair barriers that make it hard for other communities to follow.

In 2011 the Government, Greens and Independents listened to you and agreed to create a new $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). For everyone who dreams of owning and producing their own power, this new body poses a huge opportunity.

This month, the expert panel of the CEFC will tell the Government what the Corporation should invest in. Together, lets convince the CEFC to use some of its funds for community energy!

Email them now at this link:

Please sign this email action today if you would like to see CEFC support community renewable projects  - and tell the CEFC why YOU would like to see them support your community's vision for the future. 

Thanks for your support,

PS. A strong show of community support to the CEFC expert panel, right now - two weeks before they report to the government - will demonstrate that it is the right time to invest in safe, local, renewable energy.  Email the CEFC at:

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