Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lugano Systems Summer School

I have just received a Post Card from Werner Ulrich and his partner Kathy who, with Peter Checkland are in the midst of running the last ever Lugano Systems Summer school.  It is pleasing to have had several of my own PhD students, as well as many OU Masters students attend over the years.

Greetings from Lugano!

Dear Ray

Receive our greetings from LSS 2012, which is well under way with an excellent and very sympathetic group of participants.

Three of them come from the OU and we appreciate them all very much.

As I am very, very busy, pardon me for being so short --

Kind regards from beautiful Lugano
Werner (with Kathy)

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Janey Mo said...

As one of the three OU students, I have to say I am conflicted about my feelings...

I am enjoying this experience greatly...

but I am sad that it is the last summer school ever...

yet I am happy that by being here, there is a chance that we can keep the thinking of both Werner Ulrich and Peter Checkland current!

Thanks for sharing the postcard!