Monday, July 23, 2012

Kenneth Boulding's insight

I liked Jim Best's posting from ISSS.

Jim Best 9:28pm Jul 17
There is not much doubt about the demand for general systems theory under one brand name or another. It is a little more embarrassing to inquire into the supply. Does any of it exist, and if so where? What is the chance of getting more of it, and if so, how? The situation might be described as promising and in ferment, though it is not wholly clear what is being promised or brewed.

--- Boulding, 1956 (The Skeleton of Science)


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Ranulph Glanville said...

It's encouraging and rewarding to read Ray's comments on the ASC/BIG conference in Asilomar.

But I would like to add a word about those who made it work. There was a conference committee, but the real workers were Pille Bunnell (conference co-ordinator) and Thomas Fischer (conference web master: he also ran a Facebook blog). See Without the enormous and continuous efforts of Pille and Tom, there would have been no conference. Without their creativity, the program would not have worked and without their courtesy, the mood would not have been nearly so good.

Ranulph Glanville,
ASC president