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Ison history launched in Hackney

One of the highlights of my recent time in the UK was the launch of my new family history book in South Hackney on Sunday 13th May.  Luckily it was one of the rare, fine days of the early summer.
The book was 'officially launched' by Geoff  Taylor,Councillor for Victoria  ward on the Hackney Council who in his launch handed over a copy of his own book concerned with South Hackney, ‘Parish in Perspective’. All in all it was good day with a tour of relevant areas of South Hackney in the morning led ably by local guide, John Finn.  Descendants from four of the nine children of James Thurgood Ison Sr were present for the launch.  One, Rachel Marrington, led us on a walking tour of parts of Bethnal Green after a lunch and launch at the The Royal Inn on the Park in South Hackney.
 South Hackney Church
 Hackney Terrace
 Mike Fitch, Ray Ison and Geoff Taylor
In Bethnal Green

The citation for my book is:

Ison, R.L. (2011) “I am willing to give up my garden ground.” Market gardening in South Hackney, Middlesex, as revealed through the life and family of James Thurgood Ison Sr., (1792-1858) Self Published. (ISBN: 978-0-9551270-2-1)

A Table of Contents follows.

. 226

Table of Contents

1.       Introduction
2.       Orientations
2.1. Market gardening in Middlesex
2.2 Imperial units
2.3 Geography of Hackney and surrounds
2.4 The origins of the "Ison" name
3.       Isons in the Eighteenth Century
4.       The Isons of South Hackney in Middlesex
4.1 The early records for James Ison Sr.
4.2 James Thurgood Ison family tree
4.3 South Hackney and surrounds
4.4 Market gardening in South Hackney
5.       Lease and land records
5.1 The tithe records
5.2  The impact of Victoria Park
5.3 The Rent Rolls - Sir John Cass's Charity
6.       Landlords and neighbours
6.1 Thomas Natt
6.2 William Fitch
6.3 William Ivory
7.       Family connections
7.1 Daniel Giles
7.2 The Thurgood connection
8.       The children of James Thurgood Ison Sr., and Elizabeth Giles
8.1    James Thurgood Ison Jr.
8.2    Emma Ison
8.3    Daniel Ison
9.       The family of James Thurgood Ison Sr., and Elizabeth Wiltshire
9.1    The death of James Thurgood Ison Sr.
9.2    The remarriage of Elizabeth Ison
9.3    Sarah and James White
9.4    Elizabeth Ann and John Mumford
9.5    Rosina and William Branchflower
9.6    George Ison and Lucy Greenwood (nee Worbis)
9.7    Fanny (Ann Mary) and Daniel Cottrell
9.8    William Thomas Ison and Mary Nix
10.    Concluding remarks
11.    Acknowledgements
12.    Further Reading
Annex 1: Some other Ison Families in London and the County of Middlesex
Annex 2: Letter from Rachel Marrington
Annex 3: Thurgood, Clements and Brice Records
A3.1 Other Thurgood records
A3.2 Some Clements and Brice records
Annex 4: Rickman Family in Middlesex and Surrey
A4.1. Louisa Eliza Rickman
A4.2 James Latham – Louisa Eliza’s father
A4.3 The Rickman family origins
A4.4 A possible Rickman family tree
A4.5 The Rickman Family of Mitcham, Surrey and Homerton, Hackney
A4.6 Maria Rickman, Kittridge, Benton? ….. Louisa Eliza’s mother
A4.7 Margaret Kitridge and the Kirby connection
A4.8 Other Rickman families and entries.
Annex 5: Giles and Price Family Details
Annex 6. Possible Ison connections in other Counties


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