Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 ASC Conference in UK

The ASC conference this year will be in Bolton UK from 28 July to 3 or 4 August, including pre and post conferences. Bolton is where Mass Observation originated. 

Theme:   Acting—Learning—Understanding
Dates:  Main conference 30 July to 2 August; pre conference 28 and 29
July; post conference 3 and 4 August.
Location: Institute of Educational Cybernetics, Bolton University, Lancashire, UK.

Bolton is an old industrial town on the northern fringe of Manchester, UK, home of the Industrial Revolution and also of early British computing. It is near some of the most beautiful scenery and coast in the UK including the North Welsh coast and Anglesea Island, the Pennine mountains and the Lake District. The Scottish border is about an hour or so’s drive. It is wonderfully located for a holiday. Manchester is the real revival city in the UK and its international airport has good international connections including with the US. London is a 2 hour 10 minute train journey away.

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