Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Inequality for All'

Some years ago when in California colleagues spoke highly about Robert Reich academic, former Secretary for Labour and activist.  They described him as someone who thought systemically about complex issues.  Now he and his economic arguments have been the focus of a new documentary made by Jacob Kornbluth called ' Inequality for All'.  Take a look at this clip and see what you think.   Do his arguments apply elsewhere or are they only relevant to the US?   I am not yet sure of my own answers to these questions as I am yet to see the movie. I will keep you posted.

However Carole Cadwalladr in the Observer (UK) has reached her own conclusions which seem very persuasive to me:

"The powerful documentary Inequality for All was an unexpected hit at the recent Sundance film festival, arguing that US capitalism has fatally abandoned the middle classes while making the super-rich richer. Can its star, economist Robert Reich, do for economics what Al Gore did for the environment?"

This article is well worth a read.


Philip Hathaway said...

Yep, an interesting man to listen to is Robert Reich, looking forward to watching the film. Thanks for the tip! Philip Hathaway OU Systems Thinking Student :)

Philip Hathaway said...

A very interesting man with thought provoking ideas is Robert Reich. I look forward to watching the film. Thanks for the tip. Regards Philip Hathaway OU Systems Thinking Student.