Thursday, August 22, 2013

Appreciating cyber-systemic scholarship

Ranulph Glanville, President of ASC writes:

"Sometimes I am asked about my cybernetics PhD, which I completed with Gordon Pask as my supervisor in 1974 and which was examined by Heinz von Foerster in 1975. At this year's conference I was persuaded to make a presentation which was videoed and posted on YouTube in the ASC channel. You can find it at:

There is a lot of interesting material posted on our YouTube channel, a wonderful and special resource that has mainly been garnered by Tom Fischer. This material, along with the ASC publications we have been collecting and putting on line, is one of the real treasures that the current executive has worked to bring to members. Please look not only at the video of my explanation of the basics of this piece of work that both Heinz and Gordon claimed was the key missing part of second order cybernetics, but also at the wealth of other material. Of course, it takes time to watch, but you will, I believe, feel well rewarded."

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