Thursday, January 09, 2014

Systems Thinking in Action

From Gene Bellinger:

  • Group: Systems Thinking in Action
  • Subject: STW becomes STiA with new Group Rules

What the caterpillar calls death, the butterfly calls life.

In an attempt to evolve and go where no LinkedIn group has gone before, as far as we know that is, the group previously known as Systems Thinking World is now Systems Thinking in Action.

The intent is to promote discussions which enable collaborative learning development in a manner that may be of immediate value to others who haven't participated in all the posts to that point, and don't have the time to review all the previous posts, which in some cases may mean hundreds. In support of this there is now a new set of group rules.

When you read the new rules, which is strongly encouraged, please note that nothing has actually been eliminated. We've moved some things around a bit and added a new dimension which we hope will foster collaborative learning development.

* Group Rules:

Those discussions in the discussion area that are not consistent with the new group rules will be allowed to run their course and fade into the background over time.

Whether what is intended will actually come to pass remains to be seen. Consider this the next experiment in learning.

be well,
Gene Bellinger
Host of Systems Thinking in Action

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