Friday, August 22, 2014

Relating Systems Thinking and Design 3

The following invitation has just been circulated.  It sounds like an interesting conference. 

"Join us in accelerating the convergence of design, social, and technology fields toward co-creating humanized systems. We invite participants, presenters and students from across disciplines and design fields to register for the RSD3  Symposium, Oslo, Norway, October 15 – 17 2014.
Hosted again this year by AHO, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, we are reaching for a wider audience, while maintaining the lightweight mood of a small symposium. We reviewed responses from over 70 paper proposals, and the selected presentations and workshops are now posted. As last year, we hold a single day of workshops offered by leading members of the design and systems thinking fields to share their unique methods and practices. We encourage participants to register for both the symposium and workshops, to extend your learning and exploration into new areas of practice. We have 6 extraordinary keynote speakers over the two-day event:

  • Hugh Dubberly
  • Ranulph Glanville
  • Harold Nelson
  • Ann Pendleton-Jullian
  • Daniela Sangiorgi
  • John Thackara
 Costs are kept low and (as we have found with previous years) the highest value is in learning from one another in a relaxed, exploratory approach to convening. However, you will need to book lodging and travel to Oslo, which is better done sooner. We have a few tips to help travelers on the symposium site.
The RSD series  are convinced that integrated, more effective systems thinking and methods are required for addressing complex societal concerns – and our observation is that educational programs and design agencies are not providing the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with systemic design issues. We believe a stronger integration with design and design thinking is a promising way forward.
Please forward this message to you connections.
Register at  
The RSD3 Organizing Committee
Birger, Peter, Alex, Harold, Manuela, Linda and our growing team of support."

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