Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Can the Guardian foster the actions of a generation of 'guardians'?

"But the risk is now out there – and growing – because policymakers have now woken up to the risks of climate change. “There have been two terrible realisations,” says Michael Jacobs, who used to advise Gordon Brown on the issue. “We have started too late, and it doesn’t matter how much solar and wind power there is – you are still burning all the coal, oil and gas. Even if you do so more slowly, it will still go into the atmosphere and cause climate change.” Jacobs adds that, in the past quarter of a century, when countries could have been putting in place the infrastructure for a new green economy, they have been going in the opposite direction. They have invested in fossil fuel-burning power plants and built energy‑inefficient buildings in cities designed for cars."

This is a sample paragraph from a long and compelling article in the Guardian entitled: Can the world economy survive without fossil fuels?  Compelling as it is however, and as responsible as the Guardian has become... and not before time on climate change - there are many more radical thoughts in need of thinking and actions in need of doing.

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