Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Floods in Scotland - experiencing the effects

A colleague of mine has written to describe what he encountered on a visit to the River Dee in Scotland, following the recent floods.

Dear Ray,...

Morag and I visited a village in the next valley (the river Dee) that had been hit by floods it has never before exprienced and took some photos - and this is after a good deal of clearing up. Devastation considerable. It was impressive to see even very solid, thick, granite walls had been completely threatened. Near the river they had a caravan site that was locally owned and produced profit of £40k/year put into the local community. 60 permanent caravans and 40 seasonal. Well, the 60 permanent that were on site were devastated. I attach two photos of what we saw and will send two more. 

I have a bit of worry that the slides may have come out a bit  dark - but maybe that is just how they appear on screen of my computer. I took quite a few and, if anyone - say Kevin - is interested in some for teaching purposes, I can put them on a disc and send them.

Attached are four pictures:-

(i) - Site cleared largely of caravans by flood going through. None of them could get insurance and they will not come back to that site if they buy a new one. IE that whole business is gone.

(ii) - One of the piles of waste materials gathered up to date - many more around. Peoples' lives in a pile for landfill.

 (iii) - Bridge immediately downstream of the caravan site with a caravan, or its smashed remains wrapped around one of the pillars. Some of the bridges on this river had to be closed due to damage by the flood.

(iv) - Suspension bridge some miles downwstream from Ballater and which is normally three metres above the river, bent through collision with stuff coming downstreaM - probably one  or more caravans at speed. There is a fine deep pool tucked away close to this bridge and, when we were lads, we used to go "skinny dukin" (nude bathing) when we were there and coming off the hill or a climb  on a hot day. Memories!

The harbour authority at Aberdeen, about 40 miles downstream had to take out heaven knows how many caravans, fishermens' huts, cars etc that arrive uninvited.


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