Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some recent books and reports advocating systemic understandings and practices

Val Brown and colleagues have put together a very useful book: Tackling Wicked Problems Through the Transdisciplinary Imagination with some challenging conclusions.  It would be good if we could embed more of this thinking and practice in our Universitys and policy circles.

That said a spate of recent reports recognise the need for policies and practices that are more systemic.  These include:

The book 'Resilience and Transformation: Preparing Australia for Uncertain Futures'  is now available from CSIRO Publishing. The book 'explores what factors contribute to Australia's resilience, what trends are apparent, and what actions are required to better prepare us for the immediate and longer term future'.   Edited by Steven Cork, with a foreword by Brian Walker, the book contains 21 chapters by authors that include Theresia Citraningtyas,  Richard Eckersley,  Peter Newman and Susan Nicholls.  There's a chapter from Graham Marshall called 'Governance for a surprising world'.

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