Saturday, August 21, 2010

Systemic failure in action?

Today Australia goes to the polls.  Will the outcomes of today epitomise all that is failing in our current governance arrangements?  Or will  the result, built on the back of a campaign best described as a theatre of the absurd, mark a critical turning point towards change which is better fit for circumstances? In a CPD essay I outline why we need to reinvent our system of governance.  Six months ago few would have imagined that Tony Abbot had a good chance of becoming Australia's next PM.  Unfortunately the unimaginable has become imaginable.  As the future is essentially unknowable then perhaps the emergence of  something new, a conversation based on an emotion of hope, rather than fear is as likely as a descent into three years of 'treading water' as a nation while all around us events beg for imaginative, responsible systemic leadership.

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