Thursday, April 21, 2011

Listening - the 2011 ASC Conference

Ranulph Glanville,  President of The American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) writes to announce a conversational conference on the theme of

He says:

'We regard listening as the key act that turns talking into conversation. However, we use  these words metaphorically, and not just  literally: we do not mean to concentrate on the aural senses, but on the idea that it is the recipient who gives meaning to what they hear. This is how they release the potential in a statement made by another into conversation, whether the conversation is in words, acts, gestures, or  indeed any other medium of communication. This can lead to the development of understanding of the other so important in human relations (perhaps specially in fields such as psycho-therapy, management, education and music).

 Our conference is organised around informal and generous conversations in small groups, but has space for formal paper presentations and  performances. We are also inviting experiential workshops. The  conference itself will be held in Richmond, Indiana, USA, and begins in  the evening of 10 August and runs to the evening of 13 August 2001.  There is a sliding scale of charges. For those attending, there are free  add-on events before and after.

Please visit the conference web site.  Note, applicants for the conference need to fill in a statement of  interest (no more than a paragraph).

To get a sense of last year’s conference, please visit this web site.

We hope to welcome you to our conferences!'

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