Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peter Senge Videos

Pegasus are now sellling the following two videos.  If anyone has looked at them  I would be interested in your feedback.

Senge on Leadership

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In this powerfully engaging video, Peter Senge speaks in plain, straight-to-the-point language about crucial leadership issues facing all organizations as they work to create the results they really care about. From proposing alternative roles for leaders that go beyond the destructive hero-CEO myth to underscoring the central position of trust and relationships in collective endeavors, Senge zeros in on pivotal organizational challenges and points a way ahead for all who see themselves as leaders.

Senge on Change and Learning

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In this gripping discussion, Peter Senge illuminates the crucial role of learning in any successful organizational change effort and helps us understand ways to get beyond frustrating barriers to learning. He underscores the importance of focusing on the human dimension in the workplace and the remarkable capacity of inspired people to work together in service of a larger goal. Perhaps most important, he dispels the illusion that leaders can spearhead organizational change without being ready to change themselves.

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