Friday, July 15, 2011

Insightful Analysis of how Murdoch Operates

Thanks to the Daily Telegraph's Chief Political Correspondent it is possible to gain useful insight's into how Rupert Murdoch and News Corp have operated so successfully within the realm of  political power.   My thanks to Roy Madron for drawing it to my attention.

Simon Caulkin adds additonal useful insights (see Suicide bomb at Wapping: family mansion in flames).  Simon asks whether the challenge to democracy that News Corp has come to be could have been exposed if a newspaper chain that operated as a Trust (rather than as a fully private business intent on maximising shareholder return) did not exist?  It was after all the Guardian and particularly Guardian journalist Nick Davies who have done the most to bring about this expose.

I have been back in Australia all of a week and the Murdoch press is appalling.  There is no balance and they, with Abbot, cultivate a climate of fear that is ethically indefensible.  As Julia Gillard implied yesterday much of what is published is crap!  Under the circumstances it makes a mockery of
John Hartigan, chairman and chief executive of News Limited, claims that "at a time when “disturbing events continue to unfold in London”, it was “offensive and wrong” to connect the behaviour of the UK arm with the Australian newspaper titles."  I disagree. This is exactly what should be done.  And the last people to check what has or has not happened is News Corp itself, as the evidence from senior management in the UK only too clearly shows.

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