Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Systems news from publisher Triarchy

From Triarchy Press:

"Our ‘Systems Thinking in practice’ books – like John Seddon’s or Simon Guilfoyle’s on policing – don’t require any previous knowledge of the subject. But many people who've used them do get curious about Systems Thinking and how it works.
In my office, or at conferences, visitors will often pick up Systems Thinking for Curious Managers and say, ‘Ah, this is what I’ve been looking for - short and clear’. It starts from Russ Ackoff’s view of Systems Thinking and sets out 15 Systems Thinking principles with a brief explanation of how each of them works in practice.
  • For example, the section on Change introduces a simple but radical Systems Thinking way to plan and introduce change in any organisation. It also explains why benchmarking and continuous improvement aren’t such good ideas.
  • And the section on Feedback Loops (which are at the heart of all Systems Thinking) explains about unintended consequences, shows why democratic politics often sinks into a populist slanging match and explains how that same downward spiral can happen in any organisation, leaving leaders/managers watching helplessly.
If you or colleagues need a short guide to the basics of Systems Thinking, Systems Thinking for Curious Managers is the ideal place to start. [Use promotion code altThink to get a 20% discount any time before 23rd May.]"

"Pretty much everyone who knows the work of Russ Ackoff agrees that he offers fascinating insights into leadership, management, strategy and business.
Ackoff invites us to look at work and organisations differently, but usually avoids suggesting many practical techniques and approaches. Which is why we’ve encouraged our authors to develop and elaborate his Systems Thinking/Design Thinking approach in very practical ways.
Amongst the Triarchy books that do this best are:
If you or colleagues need clear, practical guides to applying Ackoff's Systems Thinking in practice, do have a look at any of these books. [Use promotion code altThink before 23rd May to save 20%]"

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