Wednesday, February 26, 2014

'Systems Practice' Traineeships

Louis Klein from the SystemicExcellence Group advises that:

"we are currently looking for professionals to join us at the SEgroup Intelligence Hub in Berlin. Please circulate this call to people who are looking for a new rewarding opportunity."

Call for Traineeship in Berlin
Systemic Change and global responsibility in management and advisory practices lie at the very heart of your professional interest. You want to know how change projects work, how social complexity in politics and culture can be met and what the next level of organisational excellence looks like. You are a professional, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit looking for the opportunity to make a difference. You have a master’s degree or equivalent and would describe yourself as someone of high integrity and reliability. You are eager to learn from every theoretic and practical encounter. Reflection in action is your second nature. And, most importantly, your friends like you as a supportive and caring person.

The Systemic Excellence Group is an independent think & do tank in the field of systemic change with over 12 years of experience. As a global cooperative we feature offices in nearly all parts of the world. Our members are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit to realise change excellence – not only in organisations, but aiming at changing the change towards more efficientpractices, based on global responsibility.

The goal of the traineeship is to give professionals the opportunity to experience this challenging and unique approach. Situated in SEgroup’s Global Intelligence Hub in Berlin, trainees are given the chance to manage SEgroup development projects, learning and applying SEgroup knowledge & expertise in genuine change projects. This approach allows our trainees to face all challenges of a client project in a supportive and save environment. At the same time they become an essential part of the continuous learning journey of SEgroup, hence we encourage our trainees to challenge our perspectives and practices.

After the six-month traineeship, trainees have the opportunity to apply for a Consortional Partner role and become a member of the cooperative. For the traineeship a moderate remuneration will be granted.

Current Projects Looking for Support

  • Sharing our knowledge, revisiting SEgroup’s action research based learning journey, conceptualising and implementing ways of sharing our knowledge with a larger stakeholder community.
  • Co-creating discourses in the field of project management, consulting and leadership by building communities driven by a systemic mind-set and a sense of global responsibility.
  • Growing SEgroup as a global cooperative refining our operating model and cascading its procedural, structural and personal implications towards a desirable next practice.
If you are interested in applying for a traineeship with the SEgroup, please contact Ms. Vivien Rupp via email: Vivien.  rupp@

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