Friday, February 28, 2014

The worldwide systems movement is gaining momentum?

As posted a few days ago there is a lot happening in the cybersystemic world this year.  Is this a sign of a new momentum?  Folk running EMCSR this year claim this is the case.

Other events this year include:


A marvellous programme is already shaping up for the European Meetings on Cybernetics and System Research EMCSR 2014, 22-15 April 2014 in Vienna.

The keynotes by Mario Bunge, John Collier, and Markus Schwaninger are confirmed. Three theme chairs will open the meetings and lead into the themes of Sustainability & Development, Emergence & Design, and Complexity & Strategy. Three theme speeches will set a special focus in these storylines. Distinguished lectures are confirmed in diverse symposia. Diverse Demonstrations like the Evolutionary Learning Labs, a movie screening (Population Boom) and discussion with the acclaimed Austrian director Werner Boote (Plastic Planet) and Systems Analysis for Informing Policy by the renowned International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis will showcase impactful systems thinking and practice.

Do not miss the opportunity to become a contributor and participant, too. The deadline for the
call for papers and participation is still open until 28 February 2014. Choose among the symposia to meet your interests and submit your contribution.

Tell your colleagues and friends. They might want to receive the
newsletter of the EMCSR, which will be the meetings magazine in the upcoming two months, featuring you, the particpants, organizers, and your research and practice.

Join the EMCSR 2014 community. We are looking forward to welcome you in Vienna from 22-25 April 2014. 

At EMCSR organised by University of Maribor, Slovenia

Eva Schernhammer, Matjaz Mulej, and  Simona Krajnc   are organizing a Symposium on Systemic approaches to hunger and obesity: discoveries, innovations, and policies for the global food & health system. We would be delighted if you/your colleagues would participate. Especially the link to social responsibility, innovation, climate change, public policy, transdisciplinarity, agriculture, etc. would be very much welcome. See the EMCSR website.

2. WOSC Event in Colombia, October 2014

Our self-organising world: from disruption to reparation

Systems and cybernetics applied to technology, design, governance and power

WOSC's 16th Congress: Organised by the Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia and the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics, 15-17 October, 2014

Call for Abstracts

Instructions for abstract submissions to the Congress themes are given below:

The call is for extended abstracts of about 1000 words with the 31st March as a deadline. The deadline to submit full papers, of about 5000 words, is 30th September; however the focus for now is extended abstracts. 

Calls for papers for symposia are open until 31 March 2014. Please be aware of the time deadlines! Refer to the Congress website:

Submitters will be notified of acceptance or rejection no later than the 30th of April. The earlier you submit, the earlier you can be notified, since the review of your abstract is an ongoing process.

Detailed submission instructions are available at the

Accepted abstracts will be accessible to all authors on the Congress website

sincerely yours
WOSC team

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