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EMCSR avantgarde, Vienna 30 March – 1 April, 2016

Call for Participation: 30 March–1 April, 2016,  Vienna, Austria - the exact location will be chosen in Vienna regarding the topics and number of attendees.

Format: Pop up conference meetings. The European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR) will be held in Vienna from March 30 to April 1, 2016. It will be the first pop up conference meeting in the field of Systems Science, called emcsr avantgarde.

The name reflects the vision and the core of the programme. We are looking forward to setting the stage for the contemporary avantgarde of Systems Science and Practice, connecting the achievements of the past with inspiring potentials for the future. The new emcsr avantgarde will be the “talent” scout event in the field of Systems Science.

An international scientific jury (selection committee) of renowned experts in their respective fields (philosophy, science, engineering, design, and art) will select the competition attendees and their submissions. Every selected researcher is a nominee for “The Ludwig von Bertalanffy Young Scientist Award” donated by the main organizer of the event, the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS). The winner will be chosen through real-­time voting by the audience of the emcsr avantgarde meetings.  It is the first prototype for “scientific talent” scouting independent of the age and career status of the candidates. The BCSSS as a role model is also eager to meet further potential candidates, master and PhD students, for their upcoming scholarship programme (starting in 2017) through the event, independent from the playful award contest.

This is a unique opportunity to discover the next generation of systems researchers. We intend to invite universities, foundations, donors, startups and investors as well as human resource managers to meet their future potential talents at the emcsr avantgarde.

The emcsr avantgarde will also offer satellite workshops. These workshops are focused on a Specific topic, organized by an invited group of already established researchers, and offer opportunities to showcase and further elaborate contemporary trends in Cybernetics and Systems Science.

The emcsr avantgarde will be intentionally a smaller exclusive conference meeting. We want to ensure that the selection of submissions reflect quality, thus the referee process will be rigor.  We also want to ensure that we enable vivid interaction at the conference meetings through the number of  attendees.

The emcsr avantgarde is the 23rd European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research in Vienna building on 40 years of tradition. In 1972, the emcsr offered its first forum for discussion of converging ideas and new aspects of different scientific disciplines.  The emcsr was co-founded by the Austrian Society for Cybernetics Studies, chaired by Robert Trappl, which established the Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Vienna, too.

Since then every two years senior scientists met in Vienna to present in workshops and symposia their latest research results and discuss the rapid developments in our society. From 2016 on the main stage is set for the young researchers, too.

We are very happy that Robert Trappl will be present at the reinvented emcsr avantgarde, when we establish the milestone for the 21st century scientific avantgarde connected to the roots of the provocative avant-garde of the 70s.

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