Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blogger depression relieved by holiday in McLaran Vale!

I noted on a recent posting of Dave Snowden's blog how proud he was that he had averaged one posting a day over a whole year. At one level I am impressed - it takes commitment and, for me at least, the sustenance of one's conviction that you have something worthwhile to say . Seeing this post made me realise I was not in competition - with myself or anyone else. Despite this my commitment to blogging has waned since early winter (Australian that is!) - my explanation is that I have been overwhelmed by the issues that present themselves on a daily basis, particularly here in Australia, demanding some form of systemic analysis or commentary (it is certainly not provided in the mainstream media). Take for example the pseudo-election campaign here in Oz which is like some bizarre danse macabre for two party politics! To this add the nature and form of the PM's intervention into aboriginal affairs, the draconian laws and security arrangements around APEC and recent major policy initiatives such as the Commonwealth Water Bill (see also this article), expansion of coal mining in the NSW Hunter Valley etc.

Five nights in McLaran Vale have lifted the spirits! It is a great wine country. Try
d’Arry’s Verandah Restaurant if you have the chance!