Monday, June 30, 2008

Significant indicators of social and political transformation?

The British Government's £100 billion commitment to 'green innovation' is a welcome development, one that hopefully will be emulated in other countries as quickly as possible. It seems particularly good timing from an Australian perspective. It provides relief and, hopefully, an antidote, to the inane debate recently held in the Australian Federal Parliament - fostered primarily by the Opposition and a media still locked into wedge politics and lack of perspective on what really matters. The Government's Garnaut review will be out soon (a draft was due on 30th June) and it will require political courage unheard of in recent times, for the Labour Party to do what is required. It is important that Gordon Brown has said:

'...a low carbon economy - which met EU reduction targets - "will not emerge from 'business as usual'."

"It will require real leadership from government - being prepared to make hard decisions on planning or on tax for example, rather [than] tacking and changing according to the polls.

"It will involve new forms of economic activity and social organisation."'

On the water front the news continues to be bad in the Mediterranean - and is yet another reflection of how business as usual thinking and practices leads to a mess.