Thursday, February 16, 2012

Joining the American Society for Cybernetics, or renewing ASC membership

ASC President Ranulph Glanville writes:   "These are exciting times for the ASC. 
  • The ASC is the most lively, radical, passionate and experimental of the cybernetics (and systems) societies that we know. It is also surprisingly international.
  • We have expanded the range of our conferences: the web site for 2012, to be held in Asilomar together with the Bateson Idea Group, will be launched in a matter of days.
  • We are developing a publishing program, including conference proceedings (the 2011 conference proceedings are in their final stages of editing).
  • We are building software to allow a multi-authored introduction to cybernetics. 
  • Naturally, we have facebook and linkedin accounts and a YouTube channel. 
  • We will shortly invite members to join in an online discussion about the benefits the ASC brings.
  • We ran the "Cybernetics of Cybernetics" competition to gain suggestions for how to become more cybernetic in our working.
  • Later in the year we expect to announce a vastly reduced subscription to an electronic library of publications for members.
  • Furthermore, our new VP membership, Javier Livas, is developing strategies to expand our membership.
These are amongst the many good reasons for being a member of the ASC. So I write to you as someone who has recently been a member of the ASC and/or attended our conferences, to invite you to join the ASC, or renew your membership for 2012,  by paying the annual subscription.

Go to where you will find our all new and much improved membership payment system. Please fill in the appropriate membership immediately! Do it now so we don’t chase you! Remember to check the renew automatically option (except if joining as a life member), thus automating your renewal.