Monday, February 29, 2016

Cyber-systemists need to appreciate institutions


World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research
Third WINIR Conference
2-5 September 2016
Seaport Boston Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
It is now widely accepted that institutions, broadly defined as systems of established social rules, play a major role in explaining human behaviour. Although scholars generally agree that institutions coordinate human behaviour and to a certain extent mould it into recognizable patterns, there is much less consensus regarding the precise mechanisms involved. We also have yet to fully understand the ways in which alternative rule systems and behavioural patterns emerge,  persist and evolve to create our complex social systems.
Theoretical and empirical research into these important topics needs to draw on insights from multiple academic disciplines, including anthropology, economics, ethnology, history, human geography, law, linguistics, management, philosophy, politics, psychology and sociology.   
The Third WINIR Conference will provide a forum  for leading scholars to advance the ongoing conversation about these and other key issues in the growing area of institutional research.
Keynotes lectures, representing five academic disciplines, will be given by:
Daron Acemoglu (MIT, economics)
John L. Campbell (Dartmouth, sociology)
Margaret Gilbert (UC Irvine, philosophy)
 Henry Hansmann (Yale, law)
Wendy Wood (USC, psychology)
Abstract submissions about institutions (or organisations), and/or institutional thought from any discipline or theoretical approach are welcome (300 words max.).
Unconfined to any single academic discipline or any particular methodology, WINIR accepts contributions from any approach that can help us understand the nature and role of institutions. WINIR aims to promote creative conversations across disciplinary boundaries in order to build an adaptable and interdisciplinary theoretical consensus concerning core issues, which can be a basis for cumulative learning and scientific progress in the exciting and rapidly-expanding area of institutional research.
Submit an abstract here.
Submissions will be evaluated by the WINIR Scientific Quality Committee: Peter Boettke (George Mason University, economics), Simon Deakin (University of Cambridge, law), Geoff Hodgson (University of Hertfordshire, economics), Timur Kuran (Duke University, economics), Uskali Mäki (University of Helsinki, philosophy), Katharina Pistor (Columbia University, law), Sven Steinmo (European University Institute, politics), Wolfgang Streeck (Max Planck Institute Cologne, sociology).
Please note the following important dates:
4 March 2016
Abstract submission deadline
18 March 2016
Notification of acceptance
19 Mach 2016
Registration opens
31 May 2016
Early registration deadline
31 July 2016
Registration deadline for accepted authors
1 August 2016
Non-registered authors removed from programme
15 August 2016
Registration deadline for non-presenters
28 August 2016
Full paper submission deadline
For more information about WINIR please visit or follow WINIR on Twitter @winir2013.