Wednesday, January 03, 2018

A Learning Health System

Members of our STiP (Systems Thinking in Practice) alumni group are actively involved in a new enterprise called 'a learning health system'.

The claim is made that:

"A Learning Health System (LHS) gets pretty close to that approach (and much more) to health care and health, putting precisely that type of timely and actionable knowledge, based on the real-world experiences of millions of patients, in the hands of clinicians, patients, and all other health care stakeholders.  Harnessing the power of such unprecedented knowledge at our fingertips – when it’s needed and where it’s needed, and in the form most useful to the person using it – we can make better informed decisions that lead to saving lives, improving health, and transforming our health care system into one that rapidly learns and continuously improves."

A new journal has appeared to support this emerging field.

The challenge is to imbue its enactment with systems thinking in practice!