Friday, July 13, 2012

Climate change adaptation navigator launched

A Climate Change Adaptation Navigator has recently been launched for the State of Victoria.    This web-based application is designed to assist local and state governments as well as regional organisations in the process of adapting to the impacts of climate change. It arises from research funded under VCCCAR and more specifically a  research project ‘Framing multi-level and multi-actor adaptation responses in the Victorian context’.  The framework was developed in collaboration with three local governments in Victoria with input from state government stakeholders. Researchers came from RMIT the University of Melbourne and Monash (more specifically the Systemic Governance Research Program within Monash Sustainability Institute).

As the introduction to the Navigator says:

 'Adapting to climate change is a complex task. The Climate Change Adaptation Navigator is a flexible guidance framework to allow indviduals and organisations to explore and find their way through climate change adaptation. 

This guidance framework has been designed with decision makers at the local, regional and state level in Victoria (Australia) in mind. However, it may also be useful for government organisations in other parts of the world, private sector organisations or interested individuals from various backgrounds.'

Sunday, July 08, 2012

More great jazz - with a tango leitmotif

Friday night the Christians Kirche was an excellent venue for Danish quintet, the Tangoorkestret.  The music was original and engaging and the acoustics helped make it immediate. I was sorry to have to leave before hearing Sophisticated Ladies who made their first appearance Saturday night. 

photo by Christians Kirke KĂžbenhavn