Monday, September 29, 2014

Researching with RESILIM-O

On Wednesday I travel to South Africa for the second Governance Reference Group meeting of the year. 

AWARD's RESILIM helps with GEF5 Protected Area Effectiveness Programme preparations

The Association for Water and Rural Development (AWARD) is a highly regarded Non-Governmental Organization in the K2C area. AWARD is also the lead agency for USAID's RESILIM-O Programme (Building of resilience in the Limpopo Basin). The Biodiversity leg of this programme is helping to reinforce and optimize K2C protected area partner networks in preparation for the GEF 5 Protected Area Effectiveness programme, which is set to start in 2015. Currently, also in support of Maruleng Municipalities' Spatial Development Framework, the boundaries and conservation status of the protected area network are being investigated and mapped on GIS. GEF5 will help to ensure that the correct reserve proclamations or biodiversity agreements will be enabled, and that the reserves meet their management effectiveness targets. For more information, please contact Dr Marisa Coetzee: or visit AWARD's Website:

Source: Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region Quarterly Newsletter - Sept 2014 Vol 6, # 3