Thursday, December 31, 2009

Arriving in 2010 - breaking a blogging silence

What do we carry forward into 2010 that has the potential to contribute to, or constrain, systemic transformation of how we humans think and act? In 2009 the latter - constraints - have dominated and driven me into a blogger silence. But societal transformation is closely coupled to personal transformation so after a short holiday in a marvelous setting (see photos) I have regained some of my enthusiasm to seek out and contribute to ways forward. But moving forward involves recognising and negotiating what constrains as much as developing something that is new.

In this spirit I hope to post, over the next weeks, a range of material that points to both opportunities and constraints for more systemic and adaptive governance.

The photos - from the top: (i) The remaining 'apostles' on the Great Ocean Road, south-western Victoria; (ii) 'London Bridge' Great Ocean Road; (iii-iv) Views of the Bay of Islands, Great Ocean Road; (v) view from the lounge, Battery Point, Port Fairy; (vi) 'The Crags' - fossilised roots - what needs to happen to so many of our own institutions!