Sunday, December 09, 2012

News from Institute for 21st Century Agoras.

Ken Bausch has made contact to advise that their  'Global Agoras' website was down for a few days while they repaired it from a Russian hacker attack; it is now operational again he said - but unforunately my attempts to create links have failed, so I can only assume the website is still down.   Included in Ken's email was reference to:

Good New Videos

'Jeff Diedrich has produced the best short explanation of our dialogue process ever claims Ken. 

I note that the process used is similar to what might be used as part of a social learning approach to governance - something our research has focussed on for over a decade or more.  It is a very uplifting clip but also raises some questions such as (i) how did participants come to participate?; (ii) what was done with the outlcomes/learning that happened?  (iii) was the process, or could the process, be situated in a conducive, systemic governance process and set of institutions?  (iv) Did the process design have the wrong starting point? Does it assume a desire for co-existance, or the presence of governance processes and institutions that make a trajectory towards coexistance possible?
Ken goes on:

Yiannis Laouris has created two videos around an international youth colaboratory in Cypress. In the first, Yianniis explains the power of the colaboratories with youth participation.  In the second, young people describe the experience.