Monday, September 23, 2013

EPSRC funded Systems-NET

Advice has recently been received about an new EPSRC-funded Systems Initiative.

"Systems-NET  has been funded by EPSRC with the rationale of adding significant value to the UK’s industrial and academic base by enabling development of key cross-sector engagements and contributing to solve some of the UK’s emerging and future societal challenges. The UK systems community (academia, industrial and other stake holders) has the potential to achieve this provided it takes a coherent approach that is driven by real needs.

Systems-NET  aims to strengthen connections between university research and industrial applications so that the expanding complexity of present and future systems can be described, analysed and understood.

The purpose of this email is to make you aware of the network and to encourage you to join. There is no cost and we welcome participation from those new to the field who wish to find out more about systems through to more experienced practitioners.

Please take a look at the Systems-NET  web site and/or contact  the organisers at Loughborough University  if you are interested in finding out more
There is also a section in the website where you can register your interest. This will help us keep you informed of new developments.
Kind regards

Roy Kalawsky

Sent by: Dr Gema Styles
EPSRC UK Systems-NET Researcher and Coordinator
School of Electronic and Electrical and Systems Engineering
Loughborough University"