Sunday, June 02, 2013

Rhine Walking

A walking holiday in the Middle Rhine (Mittel Rhein) in the last week of spring seemed a good bet weather wise.  But with only 1.5 sunny days our bet only sort of paid off!!  None-the-less we enjoyed the walking, much of it on the well marked Rheinsteig.

We set off from Bingen am Rhein on Saturday 25th May and arrived here in Koblenze today, the 1st June - and a very cool and overcast beginning to summer.  Our overnight stays were in Oberheimbach, Kaub, St Goarshausen (two nights), Bornhofen, Rhens and Koblenze.  There was much to take in for a systemic muser!  The decline of the small-holder based Middle Rhine wine industry (whilst at the same time discovering some very fine dry Reislings and Spateburgunders); effects of volatile weather on the local tourist industry; the complex and busy river traffic on the Rhine; the impact of history on the landscape; good food and overall excellent hospitality.